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Explore the Magical World of the Bach Flower Remedies with Bawa

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Dr. Edward Bach 

The Bach Flower Remedies System of Alternative Healing is a legacy from Dr. Edward Bach. He wanted to create a healing modality that was powerful, yet simple enough for almost anyone to learn.

He was convinced that Nature held secrets to lasting Wellness and Health – physical, mental, even spiritual.

He quit a successful Harley Street practice and retired to the countryside. Over a period of almost two decades, he discovered his 38 remedies – all from common flowers and trees. In their permutations and combinations, the remedies help heal over 2 million states of mind.

The Bach Flower Remedies are safe for anyone – from infants to old people. The remedies can be used to help animals, and even plants!

As a licensed trainer, I offer the Bach Centre UK approved certificate courses to teach Dr. Bach’s System.

38 Remedies

2 Million States of Mind


The Bach Flower Remedies are a simple, yet profoundly powerful holistic healing modality, loosely based on homeopathic principles, to handle a stressed out mind.

Two people having the same symptoms may exhibit utterly different states of mind.

Just as you wouldn’t deal with an angry person and a scared person in the same way, Dr. Bach reasoned that even if the symptoms are the same, the treatment would need to differ depending on the state of mind of each person.


 Instead of treating symptoms, the Bach Remedies are used to treat emotional states of mind. Dr. Bach believed that most health issues are a result of mental states of mind. Release the knots in the mind and the physical symptoms usually vanish magically.

The Remedies have provided lasting relief to millions of people the world over.

Quotes of Dr. Edward Bach 

Final and complete healing comes from deep within – from the Soul itself

Quotes of Dr. Edward Bach 

Disease is in effect the result of a conflict between Soul and Mind and never be eradicated without Spiritual and Mental Effort

An Unmissable Opportunity

Bach Flower Remedies with Bawa

I have been teaching the Art of Living series of Self Development workshops for more than 25 years. I have taught hundreds of thousands of people the secrets of Breath and Meditation in more than 35 countries the world over

I am a best-selling author, a prolific speaker, and a highly sought after personal coach.

Along with my passion for alternate healing, I bring decades of teaching experience to my classes and create an unparalled learning envoronment for my students.

I effortlessly combine profound knowledge of the Bach flowers, Dr. Bach’s philosophy and Indian Spirituality with light hearted fun to create a unique opportunity to explore the magical world of the Bach Flower Remedies.


Levels I, II & III with Bawa

Certification from the Bach Centre UK

Overview of the 38 Remedies

Remedy Making and Dosage

Essence of Dr. Bach’s Philosophy

Fun and Interactive Group Activities

Stories and Personal Anecdotes

Detailed Class Notes for Self-paced Studying

More than 30 years of Teeaching Experience

Over a decade of mastery with the Bach Flower Remedies

The First Bach Flower Level 1 Course that I Taught (London)

Flower Power

Late one night, I started having severe stomach cramps. I took Rescue Remedy and in a matter of minutes, the pain subsided and I felt so much better.

I am so glad I learned about the Bach Remedies from Bawa. I use them often and almost always have fantastic results.

One of the best investments I have ever made.

Shanaya Yadav

Home Maker

Samsun Kapil's Doggo

My dog who normally had quite a sweet disposition had become a little temperamental – growly and snappy.

I slipped Holly into his water for a month. Maybe it’s my imagination, but I think he enjoyed the taste of his “Spiked” water.

I am pleased to say his temper tantrums are history.

I wonder if this will work on my mother-in-law…

Kabeer Sharma

Very Happy Doggie Lover

My husband suffered from psoriasis for over a decade. It would get aggravated whenever he got stressed. He would feel terrible about it and feel disgusted with his body.

I gave him Crab Apple, White Chestnut and Olive for about a year. The remedies made a huge difference to his state of mind and he is practically free from it now.

We are both so grateful.

Sowmya Venkatesh

Home Maker & CFA

My Favourite Remedies


The Bach Flower Bestseller – This is the remedy to take if you are feeling mentally and/or physically exhausted.

Olive can awaken you with a sudden burst of energy or knock you out and surrender you to sleep. 

White Chestnut

The remedy for a chattering, out of control mind. When there are constant repetitive thoughts and you simply cannot relax, take this remedy. 

White Chestnut will soothe and calm the mind down and bring in coherence to your thoughts.

Star of Bethlehem

The remedy for getting over past trauma. Many times, some past traumatic event keeps coming back and haunting our present and affecting our future.

Star of Bethlehem will gently release the emotions associated with past trauma and allow you to live fully in the present.

Bach Consultations with Bawa

Dr. Bach believed that the patient should have as much a role in the selection of the remedies as the practitioner. To identify which remedies are relevant for you can be tricky – at least to begin with.

During a consultation, I will facilitate the selection process and help you create the perfect mix for you. You will get a brief introduction of the Bach Flower Remedy system and detailed instructions on how to take the remedies.

Most people report an increased sense of being at ease with themselves and several physical symptoms being released after taking the remedies for a few weeks.

A typical consultation takes between 45 minutes to an hour.

For any Emergency

Rescue Remedy

A special combination of five of the Bach flowers formulated by Dr. Bach himself, the Rescue Remedy is perhaps the most used and well-known remedy from the System.

Millions of people the world over, swear by its effectiveness.

We call it Panchapushpam – Pancha means 5 and Pushpam means Flowers.

For Grounding


For Being in Control

Cherry Plum

For Dealing with Trauma

Star of Bethlehem

For Handling Fear

Rock Rose

For Calming Down


Mount Vernon 

Where it all Began

My Little Friends in a Bottle