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Millions of people have been benefitted by the Bach FLower Remedies – Now, it’s YOUR turn! If you have require any further information about my training program, please do not hesitate to write to me – I typically respond within 2-3 days.

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I would love to hear about your experiences with the Bach Flower Remedies or my training programs. Please write to me!

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If you would like to book a Bach Flower Therapy consultation with me, please use the Calendly Link below. I charge USD$200 for each consultation with me.

Bach Centre UK

An absolutely magical, enchanting place to visit – it’s about a 3 hours drive from London city. There are trains and a bus service as well to and from London.

Mount Vernon, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, Wallingford OX10 0PZ, United Kingdom


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the Eligibility for Level 1 Training?

You need to be over 18 years of age and understand that the course will be conducted in English.

Will I get a certificate when I complete the training?

Yes. You will get a certificate of Completion from the Bach Centre, UK when you have satisfactorily completed your training.

When can I start to treat people professionally with the Bach Flowers?

Ideally, you should complete all three levels that the Bach Centre offers. Then you are allowed to add the initials BFRP (Bach Flowers Registered Practitioner) as initials after your name. Your name will be listed on the Bach Centre, UK website and you can practice the Bach Flower Remedies - subject to the government regulations of the place you are going to practice from.

How does one take the remedies?

The remedies can be taken mixed in a bit of water or even applied topically. I will answer these and more questions about dosage and how to take the remedies when you do a training or book a consultation with me.

Are there any side effects that happen when the Bach Remedies are taken?

The Bach Remedies are utterly safe and non habit forming. The only side effect that could possibly happen is that nothing happens... Though 99 times out of 100, people report that they are feeling "much better" and have "greatly benefitted"

I have a Back Pain - will the Bach Remedies help me?

The remedies are never prescribed for a physical symptom. Only for the mental state of mind that you might have because of the symptom. 

Whether it is a back pain, a knee pain, high blood pressure or anything else - the remedies are for what those conditions are making you feel.

Note that the remedies are not intended to replace professional medical opinion.

Is there any age restriction for the Bach Remedies?

The Bach Remedies are safe, non-habit forming and effective. They can safely be given to toddlers and babies - in fact for babies if the mother has them, the babies will get them when breast fed.

The remedies can be given to any age group.

I am taking another type of treatment - can I still take the Bach Remedies?

The Bach Remedies are fabulous by themselves and people have reported that taking them with any other healing modality - Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani, even Allopathy seems to greatly increase the efficacy of the other modality.

People taking Osteopathic, Chiropractic or Craniosacral therapy have greatly benefitted with the Bach Remedies when taken in conjunction with the treatments they are undergoing.

Are the remedies animal friendly?

Yes. The Bach Flower Remedies are utterly safe to be given to any animal. Though in some countries you may need additional certification may be required.

The Remedies can even be given to plants.

Can I slip a few drops of the Remedies into someone's glass of water? If they don't know what they are taking, will it still affect them?

Typically, the Bach Remedies are usually selected through discussion with the person who requires them. 

This might not always be possible - you cannot discuss much with a toddler, or your pet or the plants in your garden... or someone who may not be in a condition to talk. In those cases it is fine to give the remedies - they have mostly proved effective and helped the one in distress.

I still have more questions - what do I do?

Well - you can write to me directly - I normally take 2-3 days to respond. Or you could call +91-98803 19658 and have a chat.

You can also use the Contact Form and ask whatever it is you wish to about the Bach Flowers... I will do my best to answer.

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