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Consultation with My Graduates

Experience the Subtle Power of the Bach Flower Remedies


Bach Flower Practitioners have complete knowledge about the Bach Flower Remedies and they have rigourous training approved by the Bach Centre, UK to conduct consultations. It has been my pleasure to work with all these people and ensure that they have completed all the requirements for graduation as specified by the Bach Centre, UK.

You are in very good hands with these people, and I highly reccomend contacting any of them if you are looking for a consultation.

Bach Flower Practitioners

Bach Consultations with Bawa

Dr. Bach believed that the patient should have as much a role in the selection of the remedies as the practitioner. To identify which remedies are relevant for you can be tricky – at least to begin with.

During a consultation, I will facilitate the selection process and help you create the perfect mix for you. You will get a brief introduction of the Bach Flower Remedy system and detailed instructions on how to take the remedies.

Most people report an increased sense of being at ease with themselves and several physical symptoms being released after taking the remedies for a few weeks.

A typical consultation takes between 45 minutes to an hour.

Level 2 Graduates have full knowledge about the Bach Flower Remedies. However, they have not studied about the Bach Centre, UK methodolgy to give effective Bach Flower Consultations and have not passed the criteria to be a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner.

Bach Flower L2 Graduates

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