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Bach Flower Consultation with Bawa

Shavina Prakash

Home Maker | Meditation Teacher

I had read about the Bach Remedies and wanted to experiment – I booked a consultation with Bawa and I have to say that apart from learning quite a lot about the remedies themselves, I gained many insights about myself.

I am thrilled with the results that I have experienced – I am most definitely a convert.

Yezdi Batliwala

Retired Professional | Happy Grandfather

I am not a person who believes in alternative therapy. Late one night, I was in severe physical distress – I thought my time on the planet was over. I called up Khurshed for help. He gave me a few drops of Resuce Remedy and within an hour, I was almost miraculously feeling much better. 

I carry my little bottle of remedies wherever I go – and in 2020 during the pandemic, those few drops of magic have helped me remain calm and stress free many, many times.

Booking a Bach Flower Consultation can mark the beginining of great mental and physical Health

During a consultation, I will briefly detail out all the 38 remedies for you, so you have a basic understanding about the entire system.

The, through dialogue, together we will select the best remedy combination for your particular issue.

I will give you instructions on dosage and how to store your treatment bottle. We could even discuss some of Dr. Bach’s philosophy if I feel it is relevant to your particular case.

Typically, my clients take the remedies for a month or so before they book their next appointment with me. 

Almost no one needs more than three or four consultations because within three to six months they start feeling so much better, and mostly, they have learned to use the system for themselves. I encourage all my clients to learn the Bach Flower Remedy System and almost everyone eventually learns and deepens their understanding of the remedies – and themselves.

Osteopath | Craniosacral Therapist

Dr. Ankita Dhelia

I am a doctor and have been using the remedies extensively both for myself and for my patients. One of the things that I have routinely started doing is using Rescue Remedy solution to clean and wipe the skin while giving injections.

I have found tremendous benefits and seen miraculous changes in my mental state when I take the combination remedy that I created for myself in consultation with Bawa.

Since then, I have learned about the remedies and even done the courses with Bawa – One of the best investments I have done in my life.

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Rescue Remedy

A special combination of five of the Bach flowers formulated by Dr. Bach himself, the Rescue Remedy is perhaps the most used and well-known remedy from the System.

Millions of people the world over, swear by its effectiveness.

We call it Panchapushpam – Pancha means 5 and Pushpam means Flowers.

For Grounding


For Being in Control

Cherry Plum

For Dealing with Trauma

Star of Bethlehem

For Handling Fear

Rock Rose

For Calming Down