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Meet Bawa

I am Khurshed Batliwala and am fondly called Bawa. I hold an M.Sc. in Mathematics from the prestigious IIT Bombay.

I am a well-being expert.

I am a teacher of meditation, a prolific speaker, a best selling author, an alternative healer and a personal coach. I have been teaching the Art of Living series of courses for more than two decades across the world. I have been invited to speak at various national and international fora, at corporate houses and educational institutions, and have given numerous TEDx talks.

My books Ready, Study, Go! – Smart ways to Learn and Happiness Express – A Journey to Everyday Well Being together have sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide. Both are available as audio books. Ready Study Go has been translated into Hindi, Tamil and Bulgarian. Translations for Happiness Express are slated for release soon.

Well-being and Fitness through alternative healing modalities is my big passion.

I am a Bach Centre UK certified trainer for the Level 1 program to study and learn about the Bach Flower Remedies.

I have been making videos on our YouTube channel BnDtv for more than a decade. Some of these videos have reached millions of views.

My other interests include ancient India, the cultural heritage, traditions and history of India, food, travel, music, technology, gaming, books, being in nature and caring for the environment.

Teaching is My Passion

Better than a thousand days of diligent study is just one day with a great teacher.

 I have vast teaching experience – having instructed people from all walks of life on a variety of subjects – CEOs, housewives, students, politicians, doctors, lawyers, film-makers, dancers, actors, chefs, architects…

I have been a teacher and mentor to hundreds of thousands of individuals in more than 30 countries the world over.

I am known for my warmth, wit and wisdom.

The Best of East & West

Wisdom is the reward of Experience and must be shared.

I bring to the table a smooth blend of cutting edge technology and science, perfectly intertwined with the sagacity of the ancient Indian scriptures.

I teach a vast array of workshops that I have created with Dinesh Ghodke – Sleeping better, Overcoming the Fear of Math, Studying Smarter, Dance of the Mood Hormones and How to Tame your Bacteria – to name a few.

Classes with me are undoubtably unique and truly memorable.

What I Stand For

My Values

It's All About You!

All my training programs and interactions with my students and clients are exclusively for them. I am always grateful that so many people give me the privilege of being able to contribute to their lives

Keeping it Simple

Life can get super complicated. What I talk about and teach is simple – though not simplistic. It is said you have only truly understood something when you can explain it without jargon. I like to simplify, so my students and clients just “get it” – Get it?!

Have Authenticity

For me, authenticity and integrity are important. If I don’t know, I say I don’t know. If I cannot help, I say so, and point you in the best direction I would know.

Make it Real

I don’t believe in any sort of unnecessary philosophy. I ensure that all I say or do has practical, real world application.

Learn & Evolve

I keep learning and so should you. i am continuously improving everything about myself. I aim to move from one level of perfection to the next.

How I can Help You

If you are looking at making a difference to your personal well-being through learning about different healing modalities – you are in the right place.

If you wish to know more about yourself – let me help you embark on that adventure by teaching you the delicate Art of Meditation.

Let’s move from one level of perfection to another…

Learn More From Me

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Art of Living

Exploring the adventure awaiting inside of you… 

There are many diffferent ways to learn meditation. Art of Living is the path of choice for millions.

The core technique of Art of Living, Sudarshan Kriya has been the subject of countless research papers and has been proved to be one of the most effective ways to combat the negative effects of stress, and slip effortlessly and easily into deep meditation.

I have had the good fortune of being with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for more than 25 years. I have observed and learned from Gurudev Himself through my long association with Him. I bring this precious Knowledge into all classes I teach.

Alternative Healing Modalities

There is no such thing as an incurable disease. Only incurable people.

I am passionate about Well-being and Fitness through alternative holistic healing modialities.

I have studied Craniosacral Therapy and associated healing modalities, the Bach Flower Remedies, Meru Chikitsa, Meridian Therapy and Varmalogy.

Along with Dinesh Ghodke and Dr. Ankita Dhelia, I have created the Integrated Craniosacral Therapy Foundation Training – the flagship program of Sri Sri Tattva Centre of Healing Arts.

We teach short duration workshops – Dance of the Mood Hormones and How to Tame Your Bacteria – with more on the way.

Life Skill Workshops

You become what you Believe.

I have a variety of interests and passions that when combined with my zeal for teaching have become short duration workshops that my students say are an absolute delight to attend.

Over the years, I have taught workshops on Overcoming the fear of Mathematics, How to Study Smarter, Techniques to Sleep Better, Understand and Appreciate Western Classical Music, Use Mind Maps for Goal Setting and Productiviy and even Vegetarian and Vegan Cooking.

I keep creating new workshops as I voraciously study whatever happens to be of interest to me. I love to teach and thankfully many, many people love to learn from me.

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