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Bach Flower Kit

20 ml bottles of 38 Remedies + 2 Rescue Remedy bottles

Beautifully designed box to house the Remedies

Mother tinctures imported from the UK

Assembled by meditators in India

Brochure briefly detailing the use of each Remedy

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For any Emergency

Rescue Remedy

A special combination of five of the Bach flowers formulated by Dr. Bach himself, the Rescue Remedy is perhaps the most used and well-known remedy from the System.

Millions of people the world over, swear by its effectiveness.

We call it Panchapushpam – Pancha means 5 and Pushpam means Flowers.

For Grounding


For Being in Control

Cherry Plum

For Dealing with Trauma

Star of Bethlehem

For Handling Fear

Rock Rose

For Calming Down